*ALICE NOTLEY & DOUGLAS OLIVER--"Both poets are kindred in advocating story and character as possibilities in poetry, a narrative dynamic Notley connects with 'an orally conceived poetry: if you will, a people's poetry, whose shapes and sounds must be pleasing to the audience on any hearing of them, even the first.'" (John Olson) Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave, 322-7030, 7:30 pm, $5 donation.

*PAUL HUNTER, BELLE RANDALL, PAUL HAN-SEN-- Hunter, founder of Wood Works press, which creates beautiful chapbooks of local work and historical documents, reads from his own poetry alongside two of his writers, Randall and Hansen. Randall, author of the collection Drop Dead Beautiful, is an arresting reader, as stylized as noir. Third Place Books, 17171 Bothell Way NE, 366-3333, 7 pm, free.

*MATTHEW STADLER--At the last of this round of "official" readings in Seattle, Matthew Stadler reads portions of his well-received novel Allan Stein to a repast of fine wine and cheese. Critic Bruce Benderson says of Allan Stein: "Stadler expertly collapses time, place, or season in favor of desire-fueled meditation. The result is a character portrait of narrator as Nabokovian solipsist, driven to mastermind his own failure." Bailey/Coy Books, 414 Broadway E, 323-8842, 7 pm, free.

PONTOON II--Poets included in the Northwest poetry anthology, Pontoon II, read from new work in a series of events. Tonight's reading features Daniel Gutierrez, Mary Lou Sanelli, and Judith Skillman. University Book Store, 4326 University Way NE, 634-3400, 7 pm, free.

ELIZABETH COOK-LYNN--Colonial politics and the ongoing identity struggle for Native Americans drive Crow Creek Sioux writer Cook-Lynn's poetry and scholarship. Her newest book of poetry, I Remember the Fallen Trees, gives voice to powerful discord, while her most recent nonfiction study is The Politics of Hallowed Ground: Wounded Knee and the Struggle for Indian Sovereignty. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.

TROY KLINE & JOE BICE--A bare-all memoir, Chippendales: The Naked Truth follows Troy Kline's European adventures as part of the Chippendale male stripper dance troupe. Borders, 1501 Fourth Ave, 622-4599, 6 pm, free.


LAURIE HOLMES--The widow of porn star John Holmes reads from Porn King, The Autobiography of John C Holmes. An account of tarnished celebrity, Porn King follows Holmes from his Hollywood prostitution to the sexual revolution reflamesected in films. Toys In Babeland, 707 E Pike St, 328-2914, 5 pm, free.

EMERGING VOICES--Kids from the El Centro de la Raza writing program read as culmination of a workshop with Danika Dinsmore and Paula Friedrich, sponsored by the Seattle Poetry Festival. Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave, 346-0180, 8 pm, free.

MOLLY McQUADE--Critic and editor Molly McQuade's astute observations on contemporary literature have been published widely. In the new book Stealing Glimpses: Of Poetry, Poets, and Things in Between she offers up illuminating essays and literary profiles. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.


*BRUCE BAGEMIHL--Local biologist reads from Biological Exuberance, a study of homosexuality in the animal kingdom. See Book Review this issue. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 2 pm, free.

FRED MOODY--Moody's newest, The Visionary Position: The Inside Story of the Digital Dreamers Who Are Making Virtual Reality a Reality, depicts with drama the developmental stages of VR, in a lab populated by ambitious eccentrics. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 4:30 pm, free.

JOHN T. YOUNG--Young, a sculptor who teaches art at the UW, will show slides and talk about his study of Contemporary Public Art in China: A Photographic Tour. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.


*EMILY WHITE, EZRA MARK, GREG BURKMAN, ANDREW ANDERSON--The Titlewave Reading Series presents local talent the last Sunday of every month. This month features Emily White, editor of The Stranger from 1995 to 1999, and author of the novel The Third Room. White's writing recasts the outer world as a metaphor for the inner, in careful, quirky prose. She is a graduate of the Stanford Creative Writing Program. Ezra Mark deals with the material aspects of language, and is a member of the Subtext Reading Series Collective. Greg Burkman writes book reviews for The Seattle Times. Andrew Anderson plays the Celtic harp. Titlewave Books, 7 Mercer St, 324-6379, 7:30 pm, free.

SONIA GOMEZ & TRACIE D. HALL--Soft City Prose presents local writers with unique takes on the city. Tonight features Gomez, a U.S.-born Sri Lankan raised in Kenya and Zimbabwe, and Hall, a recent transplant from L.A. Pistil Books, 1013 E Pike, 325-5401, 7 pm, free.

*LESLIE MARMON SILKO--Silko's new novel, Gardens in the Dunes, unfolds less like literature and more like a vision. Ambitious as her 1991 Almanac of the Dead embraces whole themes of social import: women's liberation, Native identity, Gnosticism. A voice remarkable for its breadth and uniqueness. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 3 pm, free.

JACK STRAW RECORDING--Poets set to participate in the upcoming Seattle Poetry Festival will record radio performances in front of a live audience. Arthur Tulee, Salem, and Joan Fiset read, along with the Filipino group Isangmahal Arts Kollective. Jack Straw Studios, 4261 Roosevelt Way NE, 346-0180, 8 pm, free.


*NATHAN ENGLANDER--Careful, tooled, spend- thrift stories landscape Englander's remarkable debut collection, For the Relief of Unbearable Urges, and large, messy, thoroughly believable characters populate them. Englander's electricity runs from his Jewish New York cityscape; the stories have a traditional feel and narrative arc, but somehow manage to make thoroughly modern commentary. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.


*JAY PARINI--That old crazy nature poet, Robert Frost, is revisited in a new biography, Robert Frost: A Life. While reportedly he does not cover much new ground, Parini brings to his subject the empathy of a shared art (he is also a poet) and does not shy away from Frost's darker side. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.

*TERENCE McKENNA--The daddy of psychedelics reads/recites accompanied by down-tempo electronic bands as part of the Ambient Brunch Tour, in a most interesting future-forward gig. See Arts Lead., 925 E Pike St, 860-7322, 8 pm, $15.

ANNA LEE WALDO--Circle of Stones spins fantastical history told through a Welsh Druid heroine, inspired by Lewis and Clark's historical encounter with Welsh-speaking people in the Dakotas. University Book Store, 4326 University Way NE, 634-3400, 7 pm, free.


*JANET FITCH--A crazy mother, poetic tendencies, and existential angst haunt the adolescent female protagonist in Fitch's debut novel, White Oleander. Fortunately, Fitch possesses a commanding voice with which to steer these dramas, and Astrid's growth through foster families makes for an engrossing and disturbing read. Elliott Bay, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.

BETTY DEGENERES--So your daughter's gay. And famous. And a wise-ass. What do you do? You write a memoir: Love, Ellen. Bailey/Coy Books, 414 Broadway E, 323-8842, 7 pm, free.


Note to regularly programmed open mics: The Stranger will list events only if we receive an announcement--regular listings will be dropped unless we are notified that the events are in fact ongoing.


665--Words and music add up in this evening venue, tonight presenting the ever-popular Open Mic O-Rama. Four Angels, 1400 14th Ave (at Union), 689-8661, 7:30 pm, free.

THE PEARL--Turn irritation into beauty: bring fiction, poetry, film, or drama. Every first Thursday celebrates Dead Poets. The Pearl, 4215 University Way NE, 547-3326, 8 pm, free.


WORD ANARCHY--Mark Bruback hosts Left Bank Books' open mic every other Thursday. Left Bank Books, 92 Pike & First Ave, 622-0195, 8 pm, free.


*RED SKY POETRY THEATER--Continuing its 18th season of readings, spotlighting local writers plus an open mic. Tonight featuring writers from the Jack Straw Writers' Program: Jamal Bobobe, Tracie Hall, Gregory Hischak, and Charles Mudede. Globe Cafe, 1531 14th Ave (at Pine), 633-5647, 7 pm, free.


LIVINGROOM--Every Monday about this time, people read and rant and play music. Tonight, make room for the King County Transportation Bus Poets. Habitat Espresso, 222 Broadway E, 689-8661, 7:30 pm, free.


HOMELAND--The homiest of open mics, tonight featuring Jason Calsyn, along with fudge brownies. Globe Cafe, 1531 14th Ave (at Pine), 324-8815, 7:30 pm, free.


STAGE FRIGHT--Artists between the ages of 14 and 24 are invited to test the waters on Seattle's best-known literary stage. Come and listen, talk, learn, dance, mess up, and be human. Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave, 526-2992 x 23, workshop at 5:30 pm, reading at 7 pm, free.

OPEN MIC--Featuring poets Daniel Pearl and Kim Hamilton. Broadview Branch, Seattle Public Library, 12755 Greenwood Ave N, 789-4899, 7 pm, free.