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Ready or not, Fall is on its way. As the season of dead leaves, itchy sweaters, and oppressive drizzle settles in upon our already suicide-prone city, it becomes more difficult than ever to stay alive. Bridges beckon, razors chant your name, bottles of pills beg to be guzzled like Pez. We here at The Stranger feel your pain, and that's why we bring you Reasons to Live: The Stranger's Fall Arts Preview. Here is the very best in upcoming film, theater, music, television, diversions, books, and readings -- the blockbusters, the underdogs, and full calendar listings for all the events that make life worth living from now till November. Plus, an added bonus: The Fall Arts Home Study -- a guide to things you can enjoy without having to put on pants, leave your apartment, or hobnob with freakish strangers -- from Internet art exhibits to homemade theater projects to hot Fall trends in rentable pornography. The Stranger's Fall Arts Preview: Suicide may be painless, but good art is a life-saver.