DEAR GOD, I never figgered this day'd come! Who'da thunk we'd git a close dose o' Boston's Real Kids, who, after 15-odd years, done damn REUNITED, got a new single, AND had the resta their back catalog reissued?! However, if you ain't never heard 'em, git off'n yer ass! Why? Duh! You gotta pass through yer Real Kids "phase."

Yep... they a "phase" band, tho' not quite like yer embarrassin' two-year-long phase in middle school -- "I only listen to Rush, dude." Okay? C'mon... like, at worst, you'll not want to listen to any other records fer at least a month. Boo hoo! But, on first earful, don't be confounded if you figger the Kids are soundin' a bit "pub rock/power pop," jus' keep listenin', 'cause they ain't NEITHER. Fact, they never sucked like Dr. Feelgood's pub "boogie," 'n' they never bowed to commercial pressure with Knack-type slickness. Rather, they simple, catchy, unpretentious... er, "roots-inFLuenced" rock. You know... "punk," but even then they don't quite fit, as they had nuthin' to do with no spiked-hair 'n' safety-pinned "movement."

Now, the reissues. There are two LPs, Better Be Good 'n' No Place Fast. Better Be Good compiles the first 45 outtakes from the first LP, and tracks demo'd for Bomp Records, all recorded 'tween '77-'79. Overall, the Bomp demos are the hook, line, 'n' so forth, while the LP outtakes, tho' entertainin', ain't nuthin' too outstandin', as basically there's little difference from the issued takes. The other (and fer me the most anticipated) LP, No Place Fast, leans toward a mo' power-pop sound, however thoughtfully, as there ain't any weakenin' o' the ROCK. Also, I noted how well the Taxi Boys recordin' fit within the whole of the Real Kids' career, whereas before I'd heard it as an odd one-off.

And 'ats all the hub-bub, bub. Oh, if you git the chance, before supper there's a pre-Breakroom LIVE "in store" at Fallout Records (3:00 p.m.). Consider it a li'l rock action partay fer those o' all ages!

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