Illustrations by James Yamasaki and Robert Ullman

Republicans I Have Fucked

The Nixon Supporter

The Trophy Wife

The Nazi

The Catholic Schoolgirl

The Military Men

The Tea Party Tranny

The Guy with a Condo in Bellevue

The Former Governor of Alaska

The Pastor from Renton

I Have Never Fucked a Republican

Fuck the Republican Party

The Republican Hypocrites Hall of Fame

The Homosexual Agenda

Hello and welcome to The Stranger’s 487th annual Queer Issue, this year devoted to the queerest thing in the world: Republicans! Inside you’ll find a plethora of homosexuals holding forth on “Republicans I Have Fucked,” from Edmund White’s shtupping a Nixon supporter to Gina Young’s obsession with a GOP trophy wife to Susie Bright’s slash-fictional account of getting it on with Sarah Palin. Other bright-red fuckees here include a Nazi, military men, a pastor from Renton, a Bellevue condo-dweller... And, more figuratively, there’s Dan Savage’s guide to how to fuck the Republican party, plus the Republican Hypocrites Hall of Fame by David Schmader. And: more, more, MORE! Enjoy!recommended