When you reach the middle of this documentary, you will feel that its story is going nowhere and all that’s there to enjoy is its presentation—a soundtrack inspired by Hollywood thrillers, professional cinematography, slick editing and visual effects. The director, Jon Foy, clearly knows how to build a suspenseful atmosphere. But the content of his film, a mystery of sorts, appears to have no weight or core; it’s a story, a maze that lacks a bang at the beginning and holds no promise of a reward, a surprising or profound revelation at the end. Indeed, what could be more dull than watching a group of slackers pursuing the meaning and source of some nonsense (“Toynbee Idea/In Kubrick’s 2001/Resurrect Dead/On Planet Jupiter”) paved on a number of city streets in North and South America? Because we already know that the person who installed these handcrafted plaques is nuts, we feel that searching for him is basically a waste of time. But when you reach the end of the doc and find out the meaning of the plaques, the meaning of “Toynbee Idea,” you feel strangely rewarded. It wasn’t, after all, just about the scrambled ideas in the head of a madman, but something utterly human and very sad. recommended