Dear white men: We appreciate the initial hello, and the flirting is nice, but please, please do not run down the list of which kind of women of color you've dated in the first 60 seconds of conversation. We're not asking for references. Please don't tell us that you like our olive/chocolate/ honey/coffee-colored skin. We understand you have preferences--everyone does--but, really, we'd rather not hear about it. Frankly, it's creepy and it borders on fetishism. And please, if you do touch our hair, don't make a dumb-ass comment like, "Wow, it's softer than it looks!" Even if you think that, we don't want to hear that either. We've heard that shit all of our lives. How about complimenting us on something like our smile or if you overheard part of our conversation and you liked what you heard, say that. Because we would rather be appreciated for the qualities we've cultivated as women and not just because you have "a thing" for women of color.

Besides, what do you want? A cookie?