SCARF, stolen from boyfriend. The scarf is just one of the many items of clothing Weadon has obtained from his boyfriend, Story, because the latest trend isn't shopping, but stealing. If you wanna look this good, you're gonna have to track down this Story fella.

NECKTIE, $15 from 20/Twenty (5208 Ballard Ave NW, 706-0969).

There was also a tie with bikes on it, says Weadon, but this horse design caught his eye despite the fact he's not a big fan of the majestic mammal. "I do like unicorns, though," he says. Alan Arkin, Jeff Bridges, Mia Farrow, and Angela Lansbury all lent their voices to the 1982 animated fantasy flick The Last Unicorn.

JACKET, a gift from his friend Heather.

Weadon may steal a lot of his clothes, but this particular item was a gift. Heather insisted he keep it, claiming it looked much better on him than it did on her, but we were unable to reach Heather to confirm Weadon's claims.

STUDDED BRACELET, a gift from an ex-boyfriend.

SHOULDER BAG, $20 at Federal Army and Navy Surplus, Inc. (2112 First Ave, 443-1818).

It's sharp-looking, as you can see, but Weadon complains he can never find his cell phone in the roomy one-pocket messenger bag.

BELT, a gift from his boyfriend, who works at Urban Outfitters (401 Broadway E, 322-1800).

So, you know, you can probably find it at Urban Outfitters.

JEANS by Helmut Lang, another item taken from his boyfriend.

"Do I wear anything that I bought myself?" wonders Weadon. We were wondering the same thing.

SHOES, $40, from Edie's (319 E Pine St, 839-1111).

Weadon had just washed these bad boys, which is how he keeps them lookin' so fresh and so clean, clean.