South Park/Mon March 29/10:20 pm: Officer William Thomas Kohn reports: "I arrived and spoke with victim. He reported that he left his home at around 2000 hours. He returned at around 2220 hours and found his front door slightly open. He entered his home and noticed that his Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation, and several games and CDs were missing from his living room. He went into his bedroom and found that his shotgun, rifle, jewelry, clothing, and hats were stolen. He checked the rest of his home and found that his pit bull puppy was taken also.

"He found the back door open slightly. He went to the back of his house and saw the window on the east side was open all the way up. There was a chest placed against the outside east wall. It was below the window. The chest was out of place. He stated that he spoke with the neighbors to the east, west, and south of his home. None of the neighbors saw or heard anything. The neighbor directly east of his place was home all day. Victim provided the serial numbers for the stolen shotgun and rifle..."

I can't help it—I just have to say it. And many people will not like what I can't help saying. But all I can see in this report is one thing: The robbery made the victim's home safer.

Downtown/Mon March 29/3:32 pm: This report was taken over the phone by Officer Laurie Ross: "At about 2330 hours, the victim began dancing with the suspect. While dancing, the suspect managed to take her phone out of her front pocket without her really feeling him. Apparently while dancing, the suspect's hand was near her front pocket. Victim realized her phone was gone around 0000 hours or so. She notified the staff at the club, and the dance floor was cleared so that she could try to find her phone, thinking it had fallen out of her pocket. But it wasn't on the dance floor.

"Victim tried calling her phone several times, and at about 0400 hours on 3/29/10, a male answered her phone. When she asked for her phone back, the suspect began talking gang slang, telling her he was a Crip gang member. Furthermore, the suspect told victim if she wanted her phone back she would have to 'suck me up.'

"At no point did victim get the suspect's name or street name. Victim did say that she could ID him. She notified Sprint of the theft, and they discontinued service for that phone."

The moment I love in this report? The DJ stops the music, colorfully dressed people clear the dance floor, the disco lights are turned off, a bright reality of plain white light disenchants the club, and the victim looks for her phone on the floor. That moment is sad but lovely. recommended