This is very necessary: In the Red Records is doing a vinyl reissue of Boredom and Terror, the 2004 debut album by 2011 Stranger Genius Award winners the Intelligence. It will be remastered and come in a gatefold double-LP version that will include Let's Toil, a bonus CD that accompanied the long-out-of-print Narnack Records reissue. Boredom and Terror hooks you right out of the gate with concise, catchy, caustic garage-rock songs that radiate the trenchant, suave dourness of the Fall and Swell Maps. The Intelligence's garage rock bypasses Nuggets bands' teenage lust and frustration for a more sardonic, self-deprecating worldview, courtesy of leader and sole constant member Lars Finberg. In a much better world, these weirdly hummable tunes would be sung by millions as they traveled to their dead-end jobs. Finberg says this reissue has "better bass and less hiss. When In the Red sent me the mixes to check, I was struck by how well it holds up and [am] happy that it sounds like the 'modern' music I like now, ONLY BETTER! I would likely cringe at what I was wearing 10 years ago, but musically it sounds like what we are still making today, and that was my goal."


In a move that'll make your cowboy hat spin, Seattle country-rock vocalist/guitarist Brent Amaker has gone on an extreme detour into electronic music with Android Amaker, a newish project with local electronic and hiphop producers Vox Mod and P Smoov. They've just finished their self-titled debut album, which RodeoCorp, Ltd. will release on clear vinyl on October 21. The group will play one show (and that's it, they say) on November 7 at Neumos to commemorate the LP's release. Android Amaker is a concept album about Amaker's obsession with the singularity, as prophesied by computer scientist/futurist Raymond Kurzweil. In the album's story line, Amaker is downloaded into android form in order to explore outer space and search for resources. "Technology is advancing exponentially every day," Amaker says in a press release. "Artificial intelligence may provide answers to these problems, or technology may lead to our ultimate demise. But any way you look at this, we are on the verge of massive change and our very way of life will never be the same. Android Amaker is gathering like-minded artists to tell a story about that." This is more of a fun retro-electronic record than it is a serious exploration of unfathomable states of being about which we can only speculate. The live elaboration of Android Amaker will include photography, film, dance, lighting, and fashion aspects. recommended