So I'm riding my bike when a police officer waves me down. "Do you know why I am stopping you?" he asks. No, I don't know. He says that bikes aren't allowed down that street. I explain that "No Vehicles Allowed--Bus Only" I interpreted as meaning no cars. He asks where I'm going (no business of his) and after hearing "home," asks where that is. I tell him I feel uncomfortable giving a stranger my place of residence, and he says loudly, "I'm in uniform!!" So I tell him, and then he says he's being nice today and won't give me a ticket. His arrogance and aggression are too much, and I say under my breath as I ride away, "I hope you catch some rapists and killers today, too."

A block away I'm pulled over and getting yelled at about my "sarcasm." He writes a $175 ticket and mentions, "We were almost finished with this until you were sarcastic." So I didn't actually get the ticket for the traffic violation but because this officer needs to feel he is important and authoritative. Once again, the city's finest... I still wonder if any rapist or killer got caught that day.