Blowing up MySpace since 2006. Moses Mitchell

Let's go all the way back to 2006. My­Space was alive and still on top of Face­book. One day in that year, I happened across a stunning MySpace profile image: a bed, some soft pillows, some red and pink blankets, and the long legs of a lady. The image showed only her legs, which were smooth, shapely, and light brown. Beneath this image was a link to a tune that the woman with the legs loved and wanted to share with the whole world, "No More" by J*Davey. If I had not been amazed by the smoothness of her legs, I wouldn't have clicked on that tune—which turned out to be even sexier than the legs.

"No More" opens with a Dilla-step beat beneath a haze of spacey melodies. This is not the planet Earth; this is a city on the moist, mist-covered surface of hot Venus. Things the Venusian sings: "He came late but was right on time/You can be my every-day-do-it-good man/I'm just an energy that ain't been used before/You can have whatever you want and, baby, I don't even care/And now I really want to climb and leave some footprints on the walls." Her voice is pure sex. It's not forced or evocative or horny—it is just the pleasure that's generated by, and flows between, two flesh-locked, legs-locked, lip-locked, interpenetrating bodies—the beautiful beast with two backs.

J*Davey are an LA-based duo (the singer, Briana Cartwright, aka Jack Davey, and the beat-creator, Brook D'Leau) and have been around for about a decade. They have released two albums, Beauty in Distortion and The Land of the Lost. The sound on these recordings (the first one standing as a classic of the previous decade) is a smooth mix of J Dilla, Prince, neo-soul, R&B futurism, and new wave. J*Davey have also recorded a convincing cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." But that grunge tune is much too angry for Cartwright. She is at her best only when she is a Venusian, when her otherworldly voice is conducting the pleasures of human sex into the words of our language. recommended