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East Coast transplant Seth Sempere manages the bar at Belltown's lauded Spur Gastropub (113 Blanchard St, 728-6706). His first job tending bar when he moved here four years ago from Vermont, however, was at Suite 410 (410 Stewart St, 682-4101), and it's still a favorite for post-shift drinks. "For a long time, it was one of the best-kept secrets in Seattle," Sempere says of the inconspicuous Suite 410. When pressed for his libation of choice, he admits, "The guys there are always playing with stuff, so I often don't order anything, I'm just handed something to drink... but I'm a sucker for a Sazerac—as often as not, that's what gets put in front of me."

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The same spirit of good service and creativity inspires his cocktail menu at Spur. For new ideas, Sempere often collaborates with his chef, Jeff Vance; Spur offers a multicourse tasting menu with optional wine and cocktail pairings. And the proximity of Pike Place Market is a blessing: "I try to take a walk around the market at least once a week or so, and see whatever's there, and figure out how to incorporate whatever's fresh, now that we're finally getting into the good produce season." A stellar example of the market in liquid form can be found in his newest favorite, a startlingly bright blend of tequila, mezcal, rhubarb shrub, and Kina l'Avion d'Or, named "Life on Mars?"—that's his question mark, and a riveting topic of conversation, after one or two drinks. recommended

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