Display and Costume

11201 Roosevelt Way NE, 362-4810


Special Holiday Hours:

Thurs–Fri 8:30 am–10 pm; Sat 9:30 am–9 pm; Sun 10 am–6 pm

What?! You STILL don’t have a Halloween costume? What the hell have you been doing? You better hurry up! Start by logging on to the Display and Costume website—poke around in there and make a list. The store is huge, but it’s gonna be impossibly crowded because you’ve waited until the last minute. Be sure to check out the wigs, makeup, and fabric categories. Display and Costume has all the building blocks for an amazing original costume. There’s no f-ing way you’re going to win the costume contest with one of those crappy pre-planned sets (though they have plenty of those too). If you can afford it, buy the quality stuff. For instance, don’t buy the cheapie plastic fangs; ask for the “custom porcelain fangs” ($13.50–$16.75). Splurge on the Ben Nye brand makeup—that other cheap greasy shit is going to run down your neck and drive you crazy all night. Check out all the human-hair beards and mustaches—having the “real deal” makes all the difference in the world. Lastly, ladies please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, avoid the Playboy bunnies, “sexy” devils, and/or pirates, French maids, and anything resembling Marilyn Monroe. You’re smarter than that. Really, you are. KELLY O