After years of speculation, Seattle nightlife mainstay the Showbox has finally been sold. No, the club at First and Pine isn't being turned into condos. The business—not the property—has been purchased by a massive entertainment company for an undisclosed sum. Los Angeles–based AEG Live—which owns several soccer teams and theater chains, and produces the Coachella Music Festival—will operate both locations of the Showbox (the other is in Sodo). But not much is likely to change.

Andrew Roe, AEG's regional marketing director, says his company doesn't plan to tamper with the Showbox's success. "[We have] deeper pockets to improve the venue," he says. "People are afraid of the independent spirit of the Showbox [disappearing]. That's the last thing I want to see. I come from the independent music world, man."

Roe says all of the Showbox staff are being kept on.

Philip Anschutz, the man behind AEG, helped fund the intelligent design–pushing Discovery Institute. No word on whether the Discovery Institute will use the venue to rock against evolution. recommended

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