mike force+trent moorman

1. What was it like having big breasts in Fight Club?

I don't know. I was the character. I was Bob. Meat Loaf

2. If you were a sex toy, what would you be?

A dolphin. Die Antwoord

3. Tom Cruise is Adolf Hitler.

I've read everything that Tom Cruise has read... I know what OT Level 7 is. Brian Jonestown Massacre

4. Titties everywhere.

Coming to a city near you. A Place to Bury Strangers

5. Have you ever played your song "Blowtorch Slaughter" and then immediately snuggled a kitten?

I don't know if I've done that exact thing. I don't have a problem with kittens. Cannibal Corpse

6. You blink and become Raiden Tameemon, the greatest sumo wrestler who ever lived.

Exactly. Vox Mod

7. You should get grills—they could say "I'M MAYOR."

I know about grills. They're not for me [laughs]. Nacho [Picasso] has a nice voice. Mayor Mike McGinn

8. Never judge a band by its 18-foot-tall demonic mascot.

We drink tea before we play our shows. Iron Maiden

9. What does Skrillex think of you having tantric sex? Is it true you banged his mom?

You will not besmirch the good name of Judy Skrillex in my presence. Skrillex's Haircut

10. Who was it that called you all freak monkeys?

I have no problem being called a freak monkey. Radiohead

11. Thom Yorke has no talent whatsoever.

He's never influenced me, ever. Other Lives

12. What would be your criteria for judging Olympic synchronized diving?

You wouldn't want me to be a judge. Too $hort

13. How does your new stuff sound?

I don't know, crappy? Strong Killings

14. Maybe you'll have the power to communicate with undersea creatures, like Aquaman.

I'll also be able to zap bitches with my dick and turn them into cats. Odd Future

15. You're a clown who raps and plays country? Is it hard to cross over like that?

I'm a performance artist. Ronald McFondle

16. What started the rift between you and weatherman Steve Pool?

He fell madly in love and proposed to me. I laughed at him and told him I was just working. Jackie Hell

17. Imagine you are a grain of sand floating through space. Take as long as you need.

Nope. Still here. X

18. Baby turtles are the last thing I would have imagined bringing your band together.

It was the baby turtles, yes. the xx

19. You're next to the prime rib, and you're foaming with murderous want. Right?

It's not about being in the meat section and needing to kill someone, no. Of Montreal

20. Is he a bear? How did he smell?

I think he's more of a daddy. A leather daddy. He smelled very good. Perfume Genius

21. Are you ever embarrassed that you're an adult and you watch cartoons?

Like, Akira? On Blu-ray? In 5.1? No. That's how adults watch cartoons. He Whose Ox Is Gored

22. How does Lesbian relate to the ballet of Don Quixote?

Balance of opposing forces, tied by gravity but desiring to soar. Lesbian

23. The way you parlayed that into sperm was amazing.

Thank you. Sperm is an elemental archetype that you keep in your head at all times. Andrew W.K.

24. We're all on this rock, and we're all on LSD.

I've watched the skin of a woman's face fall off as she was laughing at me, until she was just a skeleton. White Hills

25. Do you sprout gills and voyage to the primordial space-land of trans-Neptunian protoplanets?

We aim to transport. Moon Duo

26. If an optigan was an animal, what would an optigan be?

It'd be a giant owl. Califone

27. Talk about the mountains and mountains of cocaine. We all know what "hunting groundhogs" means.

There was actually no cocaine involved in any of these stories. Beat Connection

28. But what if you had to name your double-neck guitar?

Then I would name it Steve. El Ten Eleven

29. If you were a dessert, what would you be?

I would be brownies. Eighteen Individual Eyes

30. Is it true the choir will be performing the Guns N' Roses album Appetite for Destruction in its entirety, in Bulgarian?

Wow. We've got to get moving on that. Karen Thomas

31. As brothers, do you bicker? Does it ever just devolve into wrestling?

It might do us some good to bicker. Orbital

32. Do you ever hurt each other?

When we were kids, we were aggressive tomboys and we'd do karate. We definitely beat the crap out of each other. Tegan and Sara

33. Did you watch your spit freeze?

I'd say I probably did spit at one point or another... and may have glanced in its direction as it landed. Do you like to watch your spit freeze? The Ting Tings

34. You know how there are people who say they remember their birth?

I don't remember my birth at all. Calvin Johnson

35. Don't mix Whoppers and Red Bull.

Thanks for looking out. Esperanza Spalding

36. It's a festival food, a bunch of strawberries on a stick, dunked in chocolate. With sprinkles. They look like deformed dildos.

Bring me two. The Dirtbombs

37. Talk about your sacrifice of baby animals.

I cook dead animals for a living at Linda's Tavern, that's about it. Black Breath

38. What happened?

[Our band] imploded. Living conditions in our cave had deteriorated to the point that an actual police officer said, "People live like this?" Mole Asses

39. Whatever you do, no matter how bad it gets, do not put your hair in a ponytail.

No ponytail. Noted. Allen Stone

40. What the fuck are you doing?

We're beyond excited to perform for our fans. Backstreet Boys