Who the fuck knows. t. moorman

1. How's Tripoli? Trippy. How's Seattle? —Lady Gaga

2. Do you like igloos? Talk about igloos. I like igloos. —James Blake

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3. Do you want to camp after your show at the Gorge? My friend Kevin can lend you a sleeping bag. We have Fireball. We won't stab you. That's tempting. Let me think about it. —Geezer Butler, Black Sabbath

4. After breakfast in bed, there's the horse-carriage ride to the spa. What do I play in the carriage? Play "Battlezone" and get some '80s R&B greatest hits going. —Bizzy Bone, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

5. Have you been reincarnated? I don't know if I've had other lifetimes or not, but I regularly feel a kinship with the image of a cross-eyed Chinese man. —Bianca Casady, CocoRosie

6. What did you think of the CocoRosie? The paparazzi? —Tad Doyle

7. What's your advice to women in music? Don't pay attention to sexist bullshit. Don't lead with your butt or cooch. —Ann Wilson, Heart

8. I heard Oprah hired y'all to play in her shoe closet? Because she likes to have live music while she picks out shoes? We played the Bloomingdales in the Beverly Center one time, which is a mall in Los Angeles. —Bethany Cosentino, Best Coast

9. Let's talk about your imitation of Oprah Winfrey. What runs through the mind of Tracy Morgan as he puts himself in the mind of Oprah Winfrey? That wasn't my real talent. —Tracy Morgan

10. I spoke with Glenn Danzig, and he said punk is dead. I don't know if Danzig is really a punk spokesman. —Marky Ramone

11. What does Glenn Danzig do during downtime? I try to work out. I like to read. —Glenn Danzig

12. How do you crush a moth casually? You tell me. —Alice Glass, Crystal Castles

13. Ellen DeGeneres was so not into Jon Bon Jovi's lipstick lesbian look. Is that why they broke it off? I don't know if he and Ellen were really an official couple. What do you mean by lipstick lesbian? —Tammy (who I thought was Dina Martina)

14. What's the weirdest thing you ever saw happen onstage? If it wasn't weird, that was weird. —George Clinton

15. Has the announcement been made about the Postal Service headlining WrestleMania IX? Can I break that? What, that we're headlining WrestleMania? Yeah, sure, why not. —Ben Gibbard

16. Do you own your own Slayer Christmas Sweater? I approved it! The ugliest fucking sweater on earth. —Tom Araya, Slayer

17. What's the most disgusting thing you've ever seen done to a rat? Rats eating rats. —Colin Dawson, Haunted Horses

18. With hoarders, there's a maggot element. You don't have maggots. That's true. I haven't seen any maggots yet. Sometimes I might leave a cup in my car. —Peanut Butter Wolf

19. It was the spot to hump disgusting old sofas. He was humping it, and he'd snap his head and look at us, and then keep humping. —Jordan Jeffares, Snowden

20. Tell me about partying with Lance Armstrong and Lars Ulrich in Tokyo. Y'all had a saltine cracker fight? Lars wouldn't get off the bidet? Well, if we're talking about celebs, I'd rather talk about the first time we played in London. —Nic Offer, !!!

21. What's a funny story from the road? I can't really think of anything. —Rob Crow, Pinback

22. Then what happens? We see that his belly had indeed been sliced by the blade, so finely that the wound was unnoticeable until time began again. As life drains away from him, he sees that he's back in the garden where their love blossomed. —Ioanna Gika, IO Echo

23. Next topic: Hayao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle. I don't know what that is, but I don't like it. —Seth Bogart, Hunx and His Punx

24. What was Johnny Cash like? He was very friendly and polite and gracious, just an elegant man. —Barrett Martin, Walking Papers

25. What did you learn from working with Ice-T? How to manage money while making money. —Shafiq Husayn, Sa-Ra

26. Who else was on that bill with the Sex Pistols the night you decided to form a band? The Clash, playing their third show. Siouxsie and the Banshees had Sid Vicious on drums. They did a 20-minute version of "The Lord's Prayer." —Tim Butler, the Psychedelic Furs

27. You said you used to have a KISS room. Let's be honest. You still have a KISS room. There may be some KISS stuff around, you're right. —Mike McCready, Pearl Jam

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28. How the hell does Green Day have a Laser Green Day? You gotta be fucking kidding me with that. An interesting point. Someone may be kidding you, but it is not me. —Les Claypool, Primus

29. Tell me a story about lighting something on fire. There was an oil field with an old truck that looked like it hadn't been driven since World War II. My buddy hot-wired it, started driving, and then jumped out. We watched it ghost ride off of a cliff into the darkness. Then we heard a giant explosion. There were flames 30 feet high. We ran. It was a fucking oil field. —The Growlers

30. There are farm animals. Where did you get them? Can I get a goat story? We crowdsourced the goats. We asked for one and got THREE. The internet is an amazing place. —Brady Harvey, Tea Cozies

31. What's this about you having an epileptic cat? We have an epileptic cat. Her name is Pearl. Does anyone else out there have an epileptic cat? —Zera Marvel, Dead Ship Sailing

32. What happens to the character the night before he ships off to war? It's the allegory of man literally fucking the world. —Nate Quiroga, Iska Dhaaf

33. FlyLo-Thundercat Meth will be a fine meth. Runnin' real deep in these streets, you know? Get yourself a team. —Thundercat

34. Do you get asked if you're into furries? You know, the people who dress up in animal suits and Barney suits and stuff, and have sex. I know about furries. —Munaf Rayani, Explosions in the Sky

35. I wanted to ask about bandannas. Apparently, orange will keep you covered for just about anything. Maybe stay away from wearing a brown one, unless you're into that. —Brighton Kenoyer, Wishbeard

36. I pulled up a video of a lady who married the Eiffel Tower. She's an "objectum sexual." Objectum sexuals fall in love with objects. Crazy shit right there. —Tyler, the Creator

37. I don't think of you guys as being "minimal." I've grown a fondness for the silence when it comes to rap. The spaces in between. —Mikey Nice, Kingdom Crumbs

38. How many times did you look at Kevin Barrans's beard and think, "God, it's so abundant and silky, I could land a floatplane on it?" Every time I look at Kevin's perfectly groomed, two-foot-long beard, my imagination runs wild. I think about it being some other land that a really small, magical colony lives in. —Faustine Hudson, the Maldives

39. What's your passion? I'm fairly into anime pillows. —Frankie Crescioni/Jim James

40. What? But we're speaking. I was connected seven times by your seven managers. Yeah. I have the iPhone 50. It lets you speak to the dead. —John Bonham, Led Zeppelin. recommended