Having another transcendental experience.

Has someone wronged you? Are they wronging lots of people? Is revenge needed? It might be time for voodoo. Break out that handy-dandy burlap doll you made to look like said wrongdoer, and stab it in the face and genitals repeatedly. Revenge, done. But not all voodoo involves stabbing dolls. In a remote northern village in Sweden called Korpilombolo, they practice a voodoo that centers on love and family unity. It's this positive voodoo that fuels the earthen jams of recent Sub Pop signees Goat. They're a collective of sons and daughters whose numbers have swelled to a hundred people over the past decades. World Music is their first proper release, and sounds in the nine songs are guided through kiln-fired portals of psych, drone, and hypnotized krautrock. Guitar solos wander across a land bridge layered in skins and distorted wah-pedal. Medicine-woman vocals call to an oracle named Odgou. Songs like "Goatman," "Goathead," and "Goatlord" rise out from fireside trances. Who's Odgou, you ask? Why does Korpilombolo rhyme with YOLO? Could Randall Dunn be in this band? Questions abound, but Goat are unconcerned. They prefer anonymity and wear masks when they perform. All that matters resides inside the tents of their music. The member of Goat I spoke with said I could refer to them as Dr. Goatface. I think they were in Korpilombolo.


Please describe the type of voodoo you practice. How does it enhance your life? We keep our faith to the spirit world. We keep a close contact with it. Through transcendental experiences and music, we stay connected to the spiritual side of life. To have this belief and strive for spiritualism gives life a deeper sense of meaning.

For people who would like to start practicing voodoo, what should they do? Please guide me through some voodoo for beginners. Make an intelligent choice and start believing in your own version of God. To choose to do that is to choose to be happier and to give yourself a deeper mind and a richer soul. Open up to whatever brings you closer to your spirits. Let them guide you in your decisions.

If there is someone, an evildoer, that I wanted to bring pain upon, do I just make a doll of them and stab it with pins? Is there a type of pin that works better? Should I stab them in the nuts? Spiritualism is love. What you talk about is just some old Hollywood version of voodoo.

How can I tell if someone is using voodoo against me? I have this pain in my neck. Is someone using voodoo against me? How can I block it? Don't worry. No one can use voodoo against you. You can sleep safe at night.

Do you remember how your song "Dreambuilding" came about? How do songs arrive for Goat? Like most of our songs, they are created in the studio by jamming and overdubs. We record and produce ourselves in our own studio. I can't remember how this particular session was. Or if I even was a presence at this session [laughs]. But I know that the ending of the song was a coincidence that sometimes occurs when you record overdubs on tape, and suddenly a forgotten channel pops up and helps you finish off the song. I think everything that's fun and creative is a good idea. Doesn't matter so much who is there at the time. You can find your way in through overdubs.

What's your favorite music to listen to? Depends on the moment, of course. Can be whatever. This morning, I put on Rumours by Fleetwood Mac and fell asleep with my daughter. Later during the day, I put on Miles Davis for a while.

What parts of American culture surprise you? One thing I'd like to know is where this warmth and kindness comes from that you have in the US? Since your society is so individualistic. I don't get it, but I like it.

What about America do you enjoy? What do you not enjoy? I like the people. And I love going by car through your big country that feels endless. But when doing that, I find it challenging to find somewhere on the roads to eat that isn't McDonald's, Wendy's, Arby's, KFC, Checkers, or Denny's.

What is Korpilombolo like? What are your favorite foods there? Korpilombolo is a small village. It is beautiful. I really like all sorts of raw herring and roasted reindeer.

Let's do some quick answers. What's the first thing you think of when I say the following words:

McDonald's Filet-O-Fish. Boring.

Pac-Man Play Fort. Wasting time.

Grimace. Playing.

Florida. Sun.

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Gimp Ball. Old pervert dude.

Dolly Parton. A doll. recommended