Few human endeavors are as subjective as dining out. One person's delight earns another's disgust, and nothing's set in stone—tastes change, chefs falter, every dish is an audition. Considering the vast subjectivity of the experience, the standard model of restaurant reviewing—after one or two visits, an individual renders an eternal judgment—seems insultingly insufficient, but due to space and time and financial concerns it's been a necessary bit of unfairness.

Until now. Thanks to dazzling 21st-century technology, the once-restrictive sport of judging restaurants is now open to anyone with a modem. Since launching just a few months ago, the Stranger Restaurant Guide (www.thestranger.com/dining) has logged nearly 2,000 reader reviews, with hundreds of Stranger readers weighing in, often quite poetically, on the restaurants that make them swoon (and, occasionally, puke).

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In honor of the Stranger's army of restaurant-reviewing volunteers, here's Food Fight: Reader Review Revue, in which the opinions of the Stranger's reader reviewers are put to the test by Stranger writers, who visit (or revisit) readers' most beloved, despised, and contentious choices, from the eternally hyped Wild Ginger to the controversial underdog In the Bowl, and dozens of places in between. You'll also find profiles of some of the Stranger's most prolific and eloquent reader reviewers, whose ranks any of you can join by submitting your opinions at www.thestranger.com/dining. Now dig in.

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