• According to Pioneer Square residents, the neighborhood is battling a growing piss problem—with sports fans, bar patrons, and homeless people cited as the culprits. The city is exploring ways to battle the rising tides of piss, potentially by opening up restrooms in the fire station or in Occidental Park.

• North Seattle resident Julie Howe became upset last Sunday when she saw a man watching hardcore pornography at the Lake City Library. As Howe asked him to move to a more discreet location, she explains in an e-mail, "my daughters had wandered over looking for me and one of them saw what was playing on the screen." Howe has since contacted police. But Seattle Public Libraries spokeswoman Andra Addison explains that libraries must allow constitutionally protected content for adults in the library. She adds: "We are not censors. Pornography is not illegal."

• Several Democratic state senators are holding the budget hostage, according to Olympia insiders. The senators reportedly won't vote to balance the state's books until their colleagues pass a bill allowing charter schools, traditionally part of the GOP agenda.

• On January 30, Obama reelection strategist David Axelrod took a dig at Mitt Romney, known to strap his dog to the top of the family car (once the dog shat inside the crate, covering the car windows in feces). Axelrod wrote on Twitter that this is "how loving owners transport their dogs," along with this photo:

• Antioch Bible Church pastor Ken Hutcherson of Kirkland compared same-sex marriage to horse-fucking last week. "If this law is passed, what is going to happen?" he asked on the Seattle Channel. "What is going to stop two men, one woman; two women, one man; one man against a horse; one man with a boy; one man with anything?"

• An initiative to legalize marijuana will appear on the fall ballot. State election workers estimate that Initiative 502 had roughly 36,000 signatures more than the number required to qualify.

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• Vandals broke a window and spray-painted "No banks... Occupy!" on a Wells Fargo branch in Madison Park on January 30. Police are now reviewing surveillance video, and sources say that the FBI is also investigating.

• On January 29, activist Babylonia Aivaz married a warehouse on 10th Avenue and East Union Street to protest gentrification. Aivaz insisted it was a gay wedding (because the warehouse was a woman), but a humorless protester held a sign that read "It's not a gay union."