• Call it gay-washing. First Congressional District candidate Suzan DelBene, who opposed gay marriage in 2009, is apparently leveraging support for the recently passed gay-marriage bill to raise money for herself. She warned supporters in an e-mail that "opponents were already collecting signatures for a referendum to undo our progress" and then linked to her own fundraising page. Classy.

Judge Doug North, a Proponent of Diverting Non-Violent First-Time Offenders into Treatment Programs, is Endorsed by The Stranger
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• Overheard at FaerieCon 2012 in the Renaissance Hotel on February 11: "You look like a goddess!" The woman's reply: "I'm not a goddess. I'm a faerie, and I'm not into guys who can't tell the difference."

• How did women's health advocates celebrate the February 13 passage of the Washington State House's Reproductive Parity Act—which would require all insurance policies that cover maternity care to also cover abortions? "We went home and had safe victory sex with our partners," says a female advocate for the bill. And how did the women-hating losers mourn their defeat? "They probably shuffled home and had weepy, unprotected sex with their hands," the source adds. Now flush with safe victory sex, women's health proponents are turning their attention to the senate's companion bill, SB 6185, sponsored by Senator Steve Hobbs (D-Lake Stevens), which is waiting to be referred to the senate floor for a vote.

• One reason Democrats are excited about the upcoming Republican presidential caucuses on March 3: They'll force gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna to endorse a candidate for president. The fondest dream of liberal strategists is a McKenna endorsement of Santorum, which would cement McKenna's reputation as the right-wing conservative that he is.

• Now that same-sex marriage is the law, here's one obvious question people are asking of Pastor Joe Fuiten, Joseph Backholm, and other backers of the referendum challenge to marriage equality: Why are you trying to change the definition of marriage?!?!!

• Deep-pocketed education activist and tax-reformer Nick Hanauer broke from his Democratic Party allies to schedule a meeting with Republican candidate for governor Rob McKenna—a tidbit first reported by local news blog PubliCola. When reached by e-mail, Hanauer told The Stranger it's "not likely" that he'll donate to McKenna's campaign, but thought that McKenna "deserves a hearing, particularly given how limp we Dems have been on reform issues."

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• You don't want the White Pages? Well, guess what? The phone companies don't want to send them to you. But an archaic Washington State law requires them to deliver the mostly ad-free books, anyway. According to the Sightline Institute, repealing that idiotic law would save 1,200 tons of paper in Washington every year.

The Stranger filed a public records request for raw video shot by Seattle Police Department employees at the December 12, 2011, Occupy protests at the Port of Seattle. Even though activists had lodged several claims of police brutality at the event, the discs didn't show much except scuffles and protesters delivering a steady stream of abuse and hurling pieces of wood and bags of paint at police.

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