• It took years for state senator Steve Litzow (R-Mercer Island) to carefully cultivate a moderate image, but only a single legislative session—the one that just ended—to destroy it by voting for big cuts to education and against women's reproductive rights. "Women and kids deserve better than elected officials who put party above people," said Mercer Island mom and former Washington Toxics Coalition executive director Maureen Judge in announcing her candidacy on April 17. Judge has a lot going for her in this lean Democratic district: She's strong on reproductive rights, education, and the environment, and she divorced Stranger staffer Goldy—a common-sense move that's sure to play well with the district's more conservative voters.

• Following a boycott threat issued by local artists, posterGIANT—the guerrilla publicity postering group infamous for wallpapering every available public surface with copies of the same poster—has issued an apology for covering a building's worth of murals in Pioneer Square. "This was a huge, horrible, and regrettable mistake made by someone who didn't understand what they were supposed to be doing, and it will not be repeated," said posterGIANT spokeswoman Barbara Mitchell. But some artists aren't mollified: "The boycott goes forward," says arts promoter Scratchmaster Joe, "until Poster Giant signs a contract that guarantees they will not be taking down or obscuring posters for shows that haven't occurred, and will not commit another act of vandalism, as they did in Pioneer Square."

• Meanwhile: Cancel the election! Don't bother printing up the ballots! The race to replace retiring state representative Mary Lou Dickerson is all but over after 28-year-old Sahar Fathi cleared the field Monday night at The Stranger's totally binding and official 36th Legislative District Candidate Forum. Or, rather, after partisans for front-runners Noel Frame and Gael Tarleton cleared the field for Fathi, packing the room and then texting each other's candidate off the island in the early rounds of the competition. Politics at its purest!

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• And speaking of attempts at sewing up the November election in April: Suzan DelBene, former director of the state Department of Revenue and current candidate in the crowded race for Jay Inslee's old seat in the 1st Congressional District, has lately been rolling out a parade of endorsements from heavy hitters, including an April 16 endorsement from Governor Chris Gregoire. "We need more experienced leaders in Congress who know how to create jobs," Gregoire said. "Suzan is that person." Also going for former Microsoft exec DelBene: She's leading the money race, due to a $250,000 loan she gave herself.

• On Friday, April 13, a 31-year-old man accidentally shot his own dick while carrying around a concealed weapon in South Park. Adding insult to dick-shooting injury, the Seattle Police Department notes that the victim could now face weapons charges.