• A national movie theater chain is apologizing after Jorge Liceaga, who attended a recent showing of Prometheus in Northgate, got a politically charged spoiler from a ticket taker. "I have to warn you," Liceaga recalls the employee telling him, "halfway through the movie, the main female character will perform a self-induced abortion." Regal Entertainment Group spokesman Russ Nunley, speaking for the Thornton Place theater, said via e-mail that "Regal certainly is apologetic" and that the company has "reminded theatre staff what is and what is not proper dialogue with our guests."

• If you're considering sending a threat to The Stranger HQ, here's a pro tip: Don't accidentally tape your fingerprints to your note like one person did last week. Written on a recent copy of the newspaper and mailed to our office, the person's note said, "Bang, bullies. We will get you," and included a photo of a gun along with his or her fingerprints.

• More layoffs are coming to the Seattle Times. Spokeswoman Jill Mackie puts the number of layoffs or "voluntary separations" at 12—with the number hitting the newsroom expected to be "in the single digits."

• A group loosely associated with Occupy Seattle shut down traffic on Third Avenue outside the King County Courthouse on July 9 because they want voters to reject Proposition 1 on the August 7 primary ballot, which seeks $208 million for a new youth corrections facility. Even though the new jail will be smaller—thanks to innovative diversion programs—protest spokesman Duff Badgley says his group wants "abolition" of all jails and prisons. Asked how he envisions a corrections system operating without a detention center—even for seriously violent offenders—he says, "We don't claim to have a 1-through-12 list of alternatives."

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• Professional loser Dino Rossi made an extraordinary political comeback when the King County Council appointed him to fill the remaining four months of Cheryl Pflug's fifth term in the state senate. Of course, Senator Rossi's caretaker term will expire before the next legislative session even begins.

• Guess who has "grave concerns" about Senator Rossi's temp job as a senate seat warmer? His retiring predecessor, Cheryl Pflug: "The Party and Senate Committee strong-armed the local Republican grassroots to get Rossi nominated," said the "angry and appalled" Pflug in a July 10 statement. "I think [senate Republicans] and Rossi shame themselves by trying to play Godfather."