• At a design review meeting on August 5, dozens of people condemned a proposal to replace Wallingford's beloved dive bar/Chinese restaurant Moon Temple with a single-story CVS drugstore. Neighbors requested a less suburban-strip-mall-looking design, at least a story of residential units above the retail level, and the elimination of a surface parking lot. Seattle's design review board voted to ask developers to basically start over, taking the neighborhood's requests into account.

• Texas state senator and renowned filibustress Wendy Davis is coming to Seattle to speak at a NARAL fundraiser on Thursday, August 15. Tickets are $50 ($100 VIP) and are on sale now. Wendy! Wendy! Wendy!

• Seattle City Council challenger Kshama Sawant and three other activists—including beloved octogenarian pepper-spray- target Dorli Rainey—were arrested July 31, attempting to block King County Sheriff's deputies from evicting construction worker Jeremy Griffin and his dog Daisy from their South Park home. "I call on everyone who feels that working people should not be kicked out of their homes... to join the struggle to fight foreclosures and evictions in Seattle," said Sawant, displaying a passion and conviction that obviously disqualifies her from public office.

• A local progressive spokesperson asked to do a prerecorded interview for KIRO Radio was surprised to find aggressively stupid conservative talk jock Dori Monson on the other end of the line. "We no longer tell people it's Dori" when setting up interviews, a KIRO producer reportedly confessed to the interviewee.

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• Speaking of KIRO and stupidity: After dozens of taxicab drivers circled City Hall on August 2 to get the Seattle City Council to crack down on unregulated cars-for-hire, like Uber, the hosts of KIRO Radio's Ron and Don Show seized on the protest to give taxicab drivers "a few tips" on how to "stay competitive." Their number-one tip? "Take a shower." Here's a tip for Ron and Don: Go fuck yourselves. Labeling an entire industry of working-class people as unclean is just classist humiliation. Cab drivers have grueling, dangerous, financially precarious jobs, and having a problem with taxi services doesn't require treating drivers like shit.

• On August 5, the city council voted to send a charter amendment to elect city council members by district to the November ballot.

• Two-and-a-half years after promising to build a million-dollar playground at the Seattle Center in exchange for building a private Chihuly glass museum on public land, Seattle Center director Robert Nellams announced on August 6 that a group will begin seeking artists to design and build the playground on the three-acre site by 2014. "It's taken quite a while. Why'd it take so long, Robert?" Council Member Jean Godden pressed Nellams during a council meeting. Nellams argued the plan was always to tackle the park after the Center's 50th anniversary celebration—a bit of revisionist history that surprised Stranger staffers, who've obsessively covered this topic for years now.