Minnesota Vikings starting cornerback Chris Cook, 24, was suspended without pay after being charged with felony domestic assault strangulation. Cook, who is accused of striking his girlfriend and trying to strangle her twice, was released on $40,000 bail and faces up to a year and a day in jail if convicted. "Folks suggest that just because a person is an athlete, they're treated either better or worse," Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman explained at a news conference, but "this is treated exactly as we have other domestic abuse strangulation cases." recommended Starting cornerback Chris Cook's arrest on felony domestic assault strangulation charges propelled the Minnesota Vikings into the National Football League lead with 36 arrests since 2000, just one ahead of the second-place Cincinnati Bengals, according to data compiled by the San Diego Union Tribune. recommended Scoring a year-high 23 arrests, the National Basketball Association topped major league sports in 2010, with a player arrest rate of 5.1 percent. Major League Baseball trailed far behind with a 2.1 percent arrest rate, while at only 2.0 percent, the National Football League came in a surprising third. According to FBI statistics, the national arrest rate in 2010 was 4.2 percent. recommended