Note: It's a familiar sound, like an electric knife sawing through thick turkey flesh, a rusted blade's jerky progress denoted through amplified seizures. Or old power tools from the shed surging to life over corrugated materials. The drone Ex Models project isn't low and slowly calcifying; it's buzzing and electrified, two guitars colluding wildly over emissions of indecent static between outbursts of indulgent panic. It contains enough vertiginous tension to vibrate even the most concrete of structures, erratic pulsations that could bounce boulders around a stage—before smashing them against walls.


Fact: Trimmed down from a four piece to a duo, New York's Ex Models have lost their head to make room for their neurosis—a "mechanistic fury" otherwise coined "fundustrial" by guitarists Shahin and Zakhary Max. Where there are splinters of room for drum-kit palpitations to poke out, a "drum box" of tape loops forces a path through the noiserific clutter.

Fact: On Ex Models' fourth release, Chrome Panthers (out now on New York art-punk label Troubleman Unlimited), Oneida's kit-smasher, Kid Millions, provided said drum mania.

Note: Any semblance of song structure—already pretty much left for roadkill on the band's previous albums—has been flattened by the barreling semis of guitar skronk and raw riffage ruling the pavement here. Songs begin with large intakes of air and end with the members breathless, red-faced, and charged up for the next voluminous inhalation.

Actually: Ex Models tour with "LIVE VISUAL INSANITY" provided by Mighty Robot and projected by Leahsaurus. Said Robot also directed the new Ex Models video for the single "That's Funny I Don't Feel Like a Shithead."

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By the Way: Other familiar (but not actual) sounds on Chrome: dentist drills, saws, and tooth polishers, whistles and human wailings; throbbing distortion; the inescapable commotion of standing inside a phone booth being crushed at a car factory.

Also: Of course, you can still dance to this, if you don't take your meds.

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