Seattle Spit

(READING) Seattle Spit--a queer poetry night--happens tonight at the only lesbian bar in town, the Wildrose. On the bill: Shannon Shue, Samantha Barrow, and Dan Savage. While open-mic poetry can be entertaining in and of itself, the real reason you should go is to watch Savage (and I'm not just saying this because he's my editor). I'm begging you to come and laugh at Savage with me because he's: (A) not a poet, and (B) not inclined to hang out at dyke bars. His mere presence among so many womyn, and his attempt to read poetry (I'm laughing already!), will be the highlight of my week. Please join. (The Wildrose, 1021 E Pike St, 324-9210, 8 pm, free.) AMY JENNIGES


Jim Blanchard

(ART) Of all of the useless drivel printed in rags such as this devoted to accurately capturing the illustrative dynasty of local artist Jim Blanchard, I believe for once that I can safely guarantee the absence of such knee-jerk positives as "elegant," or "subtle," or even "tasteful." In fact, the adjectives that seem to roll off the tongue most freely are more along the lines of "gaudy," "tacky," and sometimes just plain "icky." But, you know, in a good way. Roq la Rue welcomes its second showcase of Blanchard's widely successful sticker paintings through the month of August. (Roq la Rue Gallery, 2224 Second Ave, 374-8977. Opening reception Fri Aug 2, 6-10 pm, free. Through Aug 24.) ZAC PENNINGTON



(REUNION) Is this the Sicko? The very same pop-punk Sicko who played their "last show" in August of 1998? Well, hot damn! Looks like it! After a four-year break (minus a benefit show played in 2000), Ean, Josh, and Denny have finally regrouped. What better time than the sunny summer, and what better place than the Sunset. Every Sicko fan in this city should show up to convince the boys to never, ever leave us again. (Sunset Tavern, 5433 Ballard Ave NW, 784-4880, $7.) MEGAN SELING


Flaming Lips

(MUSIC) Elsewhere in this here fish wrapper is a lengthy article penned by yours truly on the Flaming Lips. But in the interest of saving you time, dear readers, I offer this blurb that sums up my rather long-winded blubbering: Go see the Flaming Lips. You will be moved, inspired, and ridiculously entertained. (Pier 62/63, with Cake, De La Soul, and Kinky, 5 pm, $36.) BRADLEY STEINBACHER


Projet Mobilivre

(BOOKMOBILE) Remember the bookmobile? The public library on wheels that stopped at community centers and elementary schools, exposing everyone in its path to the joy of reading? Well, Projet Mobilivre is a Canadian indie incarnation of the bookmobile concept: three woman outfitted a vintage Airstream trailer with a juried collection of 300 artists' books, zines, and independent publications. They're touring North America to promote D.I.Y. small-scale books, and will stop in Seattle for two days on their way to Portland. Go check out their collection, and try your hand at bookbinding and zine-making while you're at it. (Spiritwood Manor Bellevue Boys and Girls Club, 1424 148th Ave SE, 425-564-2270, 2-6 pm.) AMY JENNIGES


Honey Court

(LATE-NIGHT GOODNESS) The 13 Coins or Beth's are popular during the wee hours, but I belong to the cult of Honey Court. Serving as late as 3:30 am on weekends (2:30 am weeknights), this Chinese seafood restaurant deeply satisfies any late-supper cravings: The epic menu includes soups (I love "Drunken Clam Soup," $8.95), tofu dishes, hot pots, chow mein and rice/noodle entrées, congee (try the abalone and chicken, $5.95), delicious stir-fried meats, and fresh, wok-seared seafood. Nothing feels as decadent and urban as having crispy black cod, pan-fried scallops (both $9.95), or ginger-and-green-onion lobster (market price) in the middle of the night--flavors are elevated somehow when eating in a bright, crowded room with fellow insomniacs. (Honey Court, 516 Maynard Ave S, 292-8828.) MIN LIAO


Diana George

(REAL WRITER) Tonight Ethan Hawke reads from his stupid book, Ash Wednesday. The reading will probably be packed--not because he can write but because he is a Hollywood actor. But, honestly, why bother with a fake writer (and actor, for that matter) when you can experience the real thing at Subtext Readings, which features Arron Vidaver and Diana George. Sadly, Diana George is moving to New York in the fall, so this will be one of the last opportunities we will have to enjoy a more than talented writer. (Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave, 322-7030, 7:30 pm, $5.) CHARLES MUDEDE