Strangercrombie 2004 had it all--stiff competition in the waning minutes, online controversy, fake bids from college jag-offs…

At 9:00 a.m. on Friday, December 17, the last day of bidding, the numbers were strong--1545 bids, totaling $17,734. Not bad, but a little shy of last year's total. By the auction's 5:30 p.m. closing time, that amount had almost doubled, for a final tally of $31,575.28. For those who don't remember, all of that money goes straight to Northwest Harvest, which uses it to feed local hungry people.

Some highlights: The Stoner Package (better known on eBay as "The Wholesome Package")--whose premium prizes included a private party at the Pacific Science Center Laser Dome and a pass good for free admission to all of Landmark's 2005 midnight movies (popcorn included)--went for more $700. By contrast, Dinner with the Mayor went for $510 (how's that for I-75 in action?). Trumping them all, Does Your Band Suck--which included attention from Sub Pop and Barsuk, preferential treatment at Sonic Boom, and a year's worth of free Stranger ads--closed at $2,325.

But the real hero of Strangercrombie 2004 was one gentleman with extremely deep pockets.

Early on Wednesday morning, we noticed that one person was bidding strongly on a lot of items. Because of some early prank bids by the morons at Green River Community College's radio station (fuck you, KGRG!), we were suspicious. But a little research revealed that Strangercrombie was in for a bit of a nonhostile takeover, courtesy of one Mr. Benjamin J. Exworthy. When all was said and done, Mr. Exworthy spent more than $12,000, snapping up almost every item that had anything to do with The Stranger--from Your Face on the Cover, to You Write Savage Love, to rave arts reviews, Mr. Exworthy bought it all. He also bought Harvey Danger Writes Your Theme Song and Bowling with Senator Maria Cantwell. Keep your eyes peeled for The Stranger's upcoming Benjamin J. Exworthy Narcissism Issue (his title).

Though the Great and Powerful Mr. Exworthy (our title) deserves praise, thanks are also due to everyone who bid on anything--but especially to those who won. Your generosity has guaranteed that a lot of hungry people will spend this winter being a little less hungry.

Our biggest, sincerest thanks are reserved for the local businesses that donated goods and services, as well as our friends in local and national government, the media, and the arts who donated their time. We urge all of you to patronize them, vote for them, read their columns, and buy their records.


5th Avenue Theatre, Ace Hotel, ACLU, Agent X, Annex Theater, Apocalypse Tattoo, Atlas Clothing, Bailey/Coy Books, Baltic Room, B-Bam!, Barsuk, Bill's Off Broadway, Bimbo's Bitchin' Burritos, Bluebottle Gallery/Matthew Porter, BMG, Brenneke School of Massage, Bumbershoot, Butch Blum, Cafe Campagne, the Central, Chop Suey, Chow Foods, Club Medusa, Coastal Kitchen, Conor Byrne Pub, Cosmetic Laser Center, Cowgirls Inc., Crave, Crocodile, the Crypt, Cupcake Royale, Déjà Vu, Doc Maynards, Easy Street Records, Element, EMI, Fadò Irish Pub, Fancy, Feed Bag, Fenix, Floyd's BBQ, Frye Art Museum, Great American Broadway Grill, Heidi Barack, Hell's Kitchen, Henry Art Gallery, High Maintenance, Highliner Pub, House of Blues, Jive Time Records, KEXP, KNDD, Lake Pointe, Landmark Theatres, Last Supper Club, Laughing Buddha, Library Bistro, Little Red Hen, Lo_Fi, Lower Level, Lucky Strike, Lunch Money, Lusty Lady, Massage Sanctuary, Mirabeau Room, Mona's Bistro, Nectar, Neumo's, Northwest Film Forum, OKOK, On The Boards, Piece of Mind, Pink Door, Pioneer Organics, Re-bar, Rendezvous, Scarecrow Video, Schmancy, Science Fiction Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Opera, Shorty's, Showbox, Sin in Linen, Snowboard Connection, Sonic Boom, Spa Noir, Stabmasterarson, Steel Toe Studios, Stevens Pass, Suite G, Taboo Video, Teatro Zinzanni, Top Pot Donuts, ToST, Touch & Go, Toys in Babeland, VAIN Salon, Vera Project, Wax On Spa, WEA, Willow LeTellier, Jake Shears, Harvey Danger, Infernal Noise Brigade, Kris K and the righteous U.S.E. posse, Joel Horn, Seattle Monorail Project, Senator Maria Cantwell and staff, State Representative Ed Murray and staff, State Representative Joe McDermott and staff, State Representative Dave Upthegrove and staff, Mayor Greg Nickels and staff, Seattle City Council Member Jan Drago and staff, Seattle City Council Member Jean Godden and staff, Nicole Brodeur, Danny Westneat, Susan Paynter, Michael Barber, Sub Pop Records, Bret Fetzer and Annex Theatre, Mistress Matisse, Dina Martina, Jonathan Raban, Nancy Pearl, and, of course, Betsey Brock.

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