Last week, I exposed the streets of this city to three questions: Which local hiphop acts are you listening to? If you could choose one or two artists to step on a world stage and present Seattle hiphop to the world, who would it be and why? and What is your hood or block talking about as far as the "local scene" is concerned? Here is how the streets responded to the questions.

I haven't heard anything local lately. But I'm eagerly anticipating the new Scums, Vitamin D, Citizen Kane, D.Black, and Fatal.

Vitamin D and Citizen Kane would be my choice because they are from the Central, grew up in the Central, and been through the change and are fighting the change. The change I'm talking about is the whole switchin' of places... takin the hood out the hood.

In the hood, my peoples is talking about the lack of quality music in the industry. Not locally, but the industry, you know, what's being seen and heard on the radio and television.

Right now I'm off that Live from I-5, SP, Rascalz, Swollen Members, and any mix tape by DJ Tee, B-Mello, and Mr. Supreme.

I would put those three DJs and SP on the stage to present because SP is the most realistic MC that is genuinely hungry and humble. He doesn't speak beyond his means.

Where I'm from people are trying hard to be from other places. The North Sound is different from the South Sound. Most katz is in the crab-in-the-barrel syndrome. But there is a circle of katz who want genuine unity and you have mercenaries whose unity is based off the dollar.

I'm checking out Abyssinian Creole, Sirens Echo, and Alpha P.

Alpha P would be great to showcase to the world. They are some cold MCs that are witty and full of energy. They represent what Seattle hiphop is all about because they are overlooked and underrepresented and that's this city.

Seattle is on the rise, about to BLOW UP!! My community is excited about the future and development of the artist.

I'm listening to Abyssinian Creole and Macklemore but I don't want to leave anyone out.

Gabriel Teodros and Geologic (Blue Scholars) would be great spokesmen for this scene. The reason being is because they grew up here and respect the history and talent of the artists here.

Blue Scholars, Common Market, and Macklemore are putting Seattle on the map and bringing back consciousness in hiphop.

I'm blastin that Wolfpack, Mr. Benjamin, Gangsta Nutt, and D.Black—any stuff from Sportn' Life.

Wolfpack would be a great representation of this area. They are well rounded with different styles. But to just name them is only scratching the surface. I'm part of a collective that is also this region's next step. It's called BRAG'n Writes and its purpose is to represent this art form and culture we call hiphop.

We have all the tools, resources, and talents to make it happen. But the scene as a whole won't happen unless we gain unity.

Nobody. My family and friends do music though. But nobody is standing out right now.

Fatal and Chicken (AS) are very talented and can compete with what is out today.

My hood ain't sayin too much because there's nothing really to talk about.

I'm not bangin' anything right now. On the real, everyone is so sporadic; no one's coming out with shit consistently. If it's good it's good, if it ain't it ain't. But I'm definitely a big local supporter.

It would be easy for me to look at it like I would present different genres to the nation. I'd have First Family, Gangsta Nutt, Framework, Scums and then we could hit 'em with Vitamin D, dRED-i, and Silver Shadow D. And, then there are some ill-ass producers that's killin' 'em.

There's no real buzz. Katz are sick and tired of the party gangstas, the "I say this, and you say that." No one's consistent. The only way you find ill shit is being in the gutter. If you make yourself available, you have access to everything. It's real basic. I was tryna be unbiased, real shit, but these katz are gonna level this city off. First Family, surenos, and I run with SLP but I don't wanna say too much... buck a shot for my block 3600!