1. In the week before the election, The Stranger has opted to use its precious, shrinking page count to highlight a parody of Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll guiding readers around a fictional church that Mars Hill allegedly wants to build on Sound Transit property. It is yet another instance of The Stranger chastising people for not sharing their far-left values. Which would be a more useful expenditure of The Stranger's time: Pursuing this unfunny joke, or standing in the middle of a field, wagging their middle fingers at the sky, and shouting epithets directly at God?

2. DAVE SEGAL mourns the death of Lou Reed. Is this display of public mourning really about a musician's death, or is it more about a man confronting his own mortality? Find appropriate Lou Reed lyrics to support your stance.

3. DAVID SCHMADER reviews 12 Years a Slave and lambastes the film for not making us feel worse about our nation's complicated history with slavery. In your opinion, when did white guilt become non-optional with The Stranger? When did this once-irreverent alternative weekly become so somber about everything? Does the hiring of CHARLES MUDEDE have anything to do with this? Why or why not?

4. Speaking of Mr. Mudede: For the umpteetnth time, he has written a pro-socialist screed, this time in support of city council candidate Kshama Sawant. In your opinion, is it a good idea for Mr. Mudede to "support" Sawant in this fashion? Wouldn't the "socialist" label scare likely moderate voters away from Ms. Sawant? Write a theoretical news story outing Mr. Mudede as a "sleeper agent" hired by a conservative organization to discredit far-left liberal causes from the inside. Doesn't your story sound kind of true?

5. GOLDY obsesses over a right-wing organization that has bought KOMO, an old-media company that was at one time relevant in Seattle. Goldy is, of course, upset that the new owners of KOMO are known for airing "right-wing propaganda." Speaking of partisan propaganda, have you ever read The Stranger? On a related note: If a hypocritical piece is published in a section of The Stranger no one reads, like the so-called "news" section, does anyone care? recommended