LOOK AT THIS MAYOR. What a stupid mayor. Have you heard the latest thing our stupid, stupid mayor has done? In preparation for the one-year anniversary of last year's severely mishandled WTO protests, the mayor's office has issued a formal announcement that there will be a heavy police presence at the November 30 WTO anniversary demonstrations--and that these police will be even bolder, less tolerant, and more prepared than last year's club-happy thugs! A week ago, we weren't even thinking of attending these anniversary demonstrations. But following our mayor's stupid, stupid pronouncement--which all but ensures that November 30 will be a balls-out bloodbath--we wouldn't miss it for the world! So come on out to Westlake Center on November 30 for a brick-tossing, Gap-smashing, tear gas-wheezing good time--all thanks to our lunkheaded, blabbermouth mayor! Look at him. Look at our mayor. Stupid, stupid mayor.