Regarding the celebrated conductor who has planted weeds in the musical world over the last 20 years: If you listen to the musicians in Japan, New York, and now recently England, you will hear of a man who is NOT wanted. The talented musicians of great orchestras in great cultural centers of the world do not want to make music with our sucky conductor! Still, when our sucky conductor took his shtick to Carnegie Hall this year, Seattle papers hailed the performance as a great musical success, but the New York papers barely gave it a glance, with some papers blatantly bashing our sucky conductor's lack of musical ideas and basic conducting technique. Are the local reviewers listening to the same concert as the New York reviewers? There's nothing wrong with the hometown newspapers supporting their symphony. But in the light of every major musical capital of the world wanting to kick our sucky conductor out the backstage door, one would think that the local board might take another look at finding a new conductor. It's time to clean up our musical garden. Get rid of the one bad weed.