Hey, you with those yellow "Support our troops" stickers. Guess what? Yellow is the color of the coward. And that's what our troops are, yellow-bellied cowards, every one of 'em, from the lowliest private all the way up to the commander in chief. It takes a real lowlife scum coward to invade another country. Listen up, idiots: Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, and didn't have the weapons to invade a Cub Scout meeting. So our cowardly troops invaded, like Germany invaded Poland, like Japan attacked the U.S., like Iraq invaded Kuwait. Our cowards in Iraq are now attacking and killing the Iraqis, because--gee, guess what!--the Iraqis want their country back. They don't want some U.S.-installed puppet government, and they're doing what you and I and every "brave" American would be doing--fighting back. And just like after 'Nam, we're going to have to endure another generation of your bellyaching and whining: "Oh, I got my leg shot off." "Oh, I get nightmares because I indiscriminately killed women and children." "Oh, I can't function in society anymore because all I know is how to kill and maim." Well, boo-fucking-hoo. I don't give a damn. Keep those body bags piled high, because each one is one less cowardly, shit-for-brains asshole in the world.