'The stabber was not male but female'

DowntownThurs Feb 4, 11:34 am: Police responded to a reported stabbing in progress on the 11th floor of a skyscraper at 6th and Union. Within minutes police units swarmed the block, zeroing in on the office building. When unit "2k1" (manned by Officer Dorran) arrived at the scene, he spotted a man wearing the very clothes described on the dispatch. Officer Dorran saw the man flee the building and head westbound on Union; he pursued the possible suspect through the busy streets. During the course of the chase, the officer realized that the dispatch had been mistaken: the stabber was not male, but female. The officer finally caught the female stabber as she attempted to board her vehicle (a 1996 Honda) on 5th Ave, and asked her why she was running away from him. She stated that she wasn't running away from anyone. At this point the officer observed blood all over the woman's clothing: there was blood on her leather jacket, on her blouse, and on her slacks. Police officers arrested the bloody woman without incident, and transported her to the West Precinct for further scrutiny.

In the meantime, other officers responded to the dispatch by entering the skyscraper. While some officers cautiously climbed the stairwell, others ascended by elevator to the scene of the crime. Once on the 11th floor, the officers contacted the victim, secured the scene, and notified the Seattle Fire Department that a medic was needed: a man was down and bleeding from two stab wounds.

Police then interviewed witnesses, who indicated the following: The victim and the suspect were "estranged" after having lived together in the past. Today the suspect learned of the victim's new relationship with another woman and became enraged. She drove to the victim's workplace to confront him. At his office, the suspect used a ruse (she claimed to be the other woman) to lure him into the open lobby. When her man entered the trap, she attacked him with her umbrella, kicked and punched him with her limbs, and finally began stabbing him with a knife she had brought to the scene. Convinced the woman was going to kill him, he struggled with her, and barely managed to escape with his life. Satisfied that she had exacted her revenge, the suspect fled the scene.

The suspect's blood-stained clothes, the umbrella, finger prints on a telephone, the 1996 Honda, a gold chain, the kitchen knife, and Polaroids of the heartbroken suspect were all turned in as evidence in this case of love gone wrong.

'You are a sick person!'

GreenwoodFri Feb 5, 1:00 pm: A women living on Phinney Ave N reported that she and her neighbor were in the first-floor lobby of their apartment building, talking about a large plant that had suddenly appeared on a table. She asked the neighbor if he knew who owned the enormous plant when suddenly a man in his early 40s emerged from his apartment and told the two that the plant was his. The woman asked if he could move this plant and return a smaller plant that had previously sat on the table. At this, the man became incensed and yelled: "This is mine! It stays!" He then told the woman, with pointed finger, that she was a "sick person." He claimed to be qualified to make such a judgment because he was a nurse, and to his professional eye she definitely looked sick and " off her medication." The woman then asked him for his credentials. The man pointed at her once more, told her to get her medication, and returned to his room. The woman reported that this was the second confrontation that had erupted between the two, and she believes that the nurse plans to hurt her.

Stolen screwdrivers

WallingfordSat Feb 5, 5:50 pm: An attentive Stoneway Hardware employee saw a man concealing screwdriver after screwdriver in the growing belly of his jacket. He notified another clerk of the possible crime in progress, and both watched with amazement as the audacious man placed still more screwdrivers under his jacket, and finally walked out of the store with screwdrivers sticking out of his bulging and clanging jacket. When the man had clearly left the store without paying, the clerk ran after him. The suspect was returned to the store, and Stoneway Hardware recovered all of their stolen screwdrivers.

'She felt a cold draft and awoke to find her stepson'

Columbia CitySat Feb 5, 10:40 pm: Police responded to a family disturbance in Columbia City. Upon arriving they contacted a 46-year-old woman, who stated the following: Earlier that night she was in her bedroom, sleeping in the nude. A blanket covered her naked body, and all the doors in the room were closed. Feeling a cold draft, she awoke to find her 16-year-old stepson standing over her. The stepson had apparently pulled the blanket off of her sleeping body, and was now quietly inspecting it. The stepmother jumped out of her bed and began chasing her stepson until he ran out of the house. The stepmother stated that her stepson never touched her; however, he frequently attempted to view her in the nude. The police performed an area check but were unable to locate the teenage voyeur.

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