Jon Matthews’s documentary about poor and working-class people in a dismal corner of rural West Virginia is one of the four fine films you will see at this year’s N-E-X D-O-C-S, which runs at Northwest Film Forum. Surviving Cliffside is really about surviving Cliffside. Formerly a vacation resort for the middle-class employees of a mining corporation, the place is now a human and economic dump. The poor here only have their guns, their cars, their ATVs, and their drugs. At the center of the film are the daughters, Makala and Josey, of a woman, Brandy, who is engaged to a criminal and a junkie, EJ Huffman. One of the daughters participates in creepy beauty pageants. Her mother wants her to become Little Miss West Virginia. During contests, the 7-year-old girl walks around the stage with the air and clothes of a sexy woman. The more convincing she is, the more points she gets. The man her mother is planning to marry always packs a gun. This is life in the rural hood for realz. recommended