This week, ANGELA VALDEZ files a story on Seattle's Mental Health Court (if she wanted to write about the mentally disturbed, she needn't have bothered leaving The Stranger's offices), SARAH MIRK reports on a citywide skatepark plan (file under The Stranger's desperate attempt to court youth readership), and ERICA C. BARNETT complains about biking in Seattle. Or something. PLUS: CounterIntel, In Other News, From Slog, and Police Beat.

Strangercrombie Update In case you missed The Stranger's crowing about the one decent thing it does every year, here's an update on the charity auction's progress. As for The Stranger's progress as a journalistic enterprise, the update is still pending.

Astoria Death Trip CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE—whose 40,000-word dissertation this past summer on promiscuous sex is still torturing my gray matter—files another hefty report, this time on psychedelic mushrooms. Come spring, I look forward to avoiding his logorrhea on the merits of alcoholism.