Yeah, I tagged on that wall. I've tagged on lots of walls, in many different cities--hell, I've probably tagged on your business or even your house. I tag on most everything; churches, school buses, ice cream trucksÉ. I tagged on a fraternity the other night. That felt good. What feels even better is etching my name on $5,000 windows with a rock. Can't paint over that one, can you?

I realize tagging is generally dismissed as a form of disrespect, but... I don't give a fuck. I know it doesn't take much talent--or any talent, for that matter. I like it because anyone can do it. There are only a handful of fools dumb enough to risk their lives or a lengthy jail sentence to tag, and I respect them because it takes heart, and that's something a lot of you robots don't have. What I don't respect is private property, so watch out! Go ahead, dial 911 if it gives you a hard-on to send punk kids to jail.

Graffiti has caused some serious damage to my life, in the form of court dates, warrants, and enemies. But I love it, and hope to do it till I die. So keep an eye out for me! I won't tell you what my tag is, but I will say that I'm definitely not from California.