Kelly O

I thought the Bar Method, an upscale exercise gym, was doomed to failure because I never saw anybody exercising. But recently, predawn, I walked past the place and through the large picture windows saw a couple dozen women lying on the floor violently thrusting their pelvises into the air.

It was sexy. But then I wondered how long one could look at all that spandex without being a creep. And doesn't exercising in front of a picture window make you an exhibitionist anyway?

A glance is okay but completely unsatisfying. A seven-second scan is still okay but might cause you to miss the hottest woman. A continual walking study is a violent drive-by. A pause to lick the glass is sociopathic.

It's all confusing. So I've decided, if pelvic thrusting is occurring, to Charlie Brown it and stare at the sidewalk as I walk past. Does that make me respectful or just a wimp? recommended