Kelly O

Description: A dimly lit fondue emporium situated just north of Seattle Center in Lower Queen Anne.

Decor: Franchise-regulated matchy-match color schemes and landscape prints.

Song tributes: While a typical Melting Pot visit is saturated with easy- listening music and business-casual attire, John Cougar Mellencamp's experience with a melting pot was apparently quite different. His 1991 twang-rock anthem of the same name details a potpourri of sleazy activity, ranging from the violent ("Get yourself a weapon/'cause they slice you up in the melting pot") to the raunchy ("Jerk you off in the backseat of the melting pot").

Happy hours: Mon–Fri 4:30–6:30 pm and 9–11 pm, Sat–Sun 4–6:30 pm and 9–11 pm.

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Happy-hour drink specials: $3 bottles of beer (Alaskan Amber, Stella), $6 select glasses of wine.

Happy-hour food specials: Half-priced appetizers, including $4.50 Brie plates, $8 cheese fondue, and more. recommended

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