Belltown's elegant lounge and eatery Twist brims with an abundance of happy-hour goodies. Among the hearty and exquisite $5 happy-hour fare are Teriyaki Steak Twists, embellished with green onions and sweet red peppers; Jalapeno Wontons, doused in a syrupy dipping jelly; and Masaman Minced Pork Loin, topped with peanuts and coconut shavings. And on the $5 drink menu, juices infuse every cocktail: The Cinnamon Senorita is composed of a blood-oranges-and-tequila blend; the Cutini is made with fresh melons, cucumbers, and vodka; and the Pineapple Kazi steeps in flavors of Maui pineapples, limes, and lemons.

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