Lucas Draper

Location: Sodo, in the space long held by the beloved Andy's Diner.

Description: An enchanted wonderland composed of several railroad cars clustered strangely together, interlinked, and painted bright-ass orange, featuring reasonably priced pan-Asian fare and a full bar.

Historical trivia: In its prior life, one of the passenger cars was regularly used by FDR!

FDR's drink of choice: Notoriously awful gin martinis, which he mixed himself, and were said to contain an unpleasant mingling of both lemon and olive garnishes, and an overload of vermouth. (But what drew the most complaints was FDR's shocking habit of topping the martinis with a dash of absinthe.)

Happy hours: Mon–Fri 3–7 pm, Sat–Sun 10:30 am–5 pm (food), Thurs 5 pm–midnight (drinks).

Happy-hour drink specials: For ladies only, all drinks are half off—including $2 wells, $2 drafts, and more

Happy-hour food specials: Fifteen percent off all menu items, such as $6.40 pineapple fried rice. recommended