Description: A cozy Ballard joint bedecked with wood siding, European knickknacks, and a well-regarded selection of fancy beer.

Saturday-evening scene: Thick with soccer fans, all of them severely absorbed in a televised match (save for a sprawled bulldog, who appeared uninterested).

Origins of the name: A dray is the nest of a squirrel—an animal whose fidgety cuteness is offset by its demonic black eyes. (And, more boringly, a dray is also a type of horse-pulled wagon.)

Known squirrel hobbies: Violently accosting gimpy septuagenarians (Germany, 2007), disemboweling stray dogs (Russia, 2005), serving as the key ingredient in a traditional Southern egg-scramble recipe and consequently spreading a mad-cow-esque brain-eating disease (Kentucky, 1997), donning a tiny life jacket and waterskiing behind a remote-controlled toy boat (Florida, 2008).

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Happy hours: Mon–Fri 3–6 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $1 off rotating selection of beer pints (Deschutes Red Chair IPA, Victory Braumeister Pilsner). recommended