Location: North Lake Union.

Description: Ivar's Salmon House is a lodge-style eatery and lounge boasting loads of Northwest Indian art, historical photographs, and a lovely waterfront view.

Bizarre promotions of yesteryear: In 1946, Ivar's founder Ivar Haglund staged a widely publicized wrestling match between a heavyweight boxer and an octopus.

Behind the smoke and mirrors: Two-Ton Tony was actually just flailing around with a dead octopus. The tank was rigged with hoses to promote water circulation, which manipulated the creature's appendages.

Happy hours: Sun–Thurs 3:30–11 pm, Fri–Sat 3:30–6:30 pm and 9–11 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: An array of $3.50 bargains—including well drinks, select wine, and drafts (Pyramid Curve Ball Ale, Maritime Pacific Imperial Pale); $6 martinis; and $7.50 specialty drinks (such as the Popsicle, a sweet cocktail containing raspberry Stoli and blue curaçao).

Happy-hour food specials: A long list of deals, many of them involving seafood ($10 blackened salmon Caesar salad, $5 popcorn scallops). recommended