kelly o

Description: A chichi downtown restaurant and lounge that specializes in Asian cuisine.

Meaning of O'Asian: I don't know, and neither did the four employees I asked. It's probably not that important.

Dinner deals: Lobster Sundays, an intricate, semisecret ritual requiring diners to make a special Lobster Sunday reservation, spend at least $50 on food, then utter the password ("Lobster Sunday")—after which the table is presented with one lobster, cooked to order, free of charge.

Lobster facts: They resemble aliens (with clear blood and stomachs lined with teeth), and they lead fulfilling sex lives. (According to lobster expert Dr. Jelle Atema, they make love "with a poignant gentleness that is almost human.")

Happy hours: Daily 4–10:30 pm.

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Happy-hour drink specials: $3 domestic bottles (Budweiser), $4 drafts (Pandan Ale, Stella Artois), $5 house wine, $5 daily cocktail.

Happy-hour food specials: A remarkably long list of $5 treats (bacon-wrapped scallops, sesame beef).