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Definition: Windowless and vaguely foreboding, Brouwer's is part Roman arena (with its curving, tiered layout) and part Vegas dungeon (faux-stone walls, blaring rock music).

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The draw: If you're into beer, especially Belgian beer, there's an assload of choices.

Assloads, a quick breakdown: There are 60-plus drafts and 200-plus bottles available, which safely raises Brouwer's beer selection above "shit-pile" while falling just short of the metric "fuck-ton" delineation.

But wait, there's more: The Scotch list is equally tremendous (60-plus varieties)!

Happy hours: Daily 3–6 pm.

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Happy-hour drink specials: $1 off wells, $1 off drafts ($5 Young's Double Chocolate Stout from England, $4 Leffe Brune from Belgium).

Happy-hour food specials: An unusual menu of European-inspired treats, including $7.50 buffaloar sliders (wild boar and buffalo) and $7 smelt (one dozen, fried). recommended