Neighborhood: Pioneer Square.

Surroundings: A cobblestone park perpetually teeming with panhandlers and daytime tour groups.

Music: Frenzied dance beats accompanying Asian vocalists.

Decor: Pop-hyperrealism masterpieces featuring gun-toting pandas, gelatinous dog skeletons, and butterfly-winged computers.

Bonus delight: The two-way mirror lining the restroom walls, showcasing a bathroom-stall view of the dance floor.

Happy hour: Mon–Thurs 4:30–6:30 pm, 9:30–10:30 pm.

Happy hour drink specials: $3 well drinks, house wine, and select draft beer (Hite, Fat Tire, Mirror Pond, others).

Happy hour food specials: $2 appetizers, including hot and sweet wings, and a shrimp plate. MARTI JONJAK

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