Region: Belltown.

Music: Outkast's unremittingly catchy '00 hit "So Fresh, So Clean" cranked to a conversation-inhibiting volume.

Decor: A gold-toothed skull, a sports-broadcasting plasma TV, a luminous ceiling dome.

Unlikely neighbor: The life-preserver-and-crucifix bedecked Catholic Seamen's Club.

Happy hour: Daily 4–7 pm, 11 pm–1 am.

Happy hour drink specials: $4 wells, $4 wine, $3 Dos Equis, $2 PBR.

Happy hour food specials: $4 appetizers, including chicken tamales (served with green salsa, Cotija cheese, and crema), pork carnitas with green salsa, or steamed Manila clams (prepared with chorizo, Negra Modelo beer, and pico de gallo). MARTI JONJAK

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