Description: A Queen Anne bar and eatery specializing in Vietnamese cuisine.

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Celebrity sightings of yesteryear: John Mayer once ate dinner there, back when the Signature wasn't the Signature but a different restaurant named Moxie (and by John Mayer, I mean Dave Matthews).

Why you will visit: Beer costs just $2 during happy hour, and the selection is crazy (Hoegaarden, Tsingtao, Singha, Tiger, Stella, Kirin Ichiban, and more).

In case you're not fully dazzled by steeply discounted bottles of fancy imported beer, here's a reminder of the kinds of things $2 will normally get you: A gently used VHS copy of Stop! Or My Mom will Shoot; a one-way trip to Lake City via King County Metro (off-peak hours only); a glossy photograph of Leonard Maltin, which is not only signed, but personalized just for you (if your name is Gene and you win the eBay auction).

Happy hours: Daily 3–6 pm and 8 pm–midnight.

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Happy-hour drink specials: $2 beer (see above), $2 wells, $4 select sparkling wine, $4 select glasses of wine, $4 regular martinis, $6 flavored martinis (pomegranate, chocolate).

Happy-hour food specials: A $3–$5 light-dish menu ($4 spring rolls), along with an extended $2 menu (garlic chicken wings, banh mi sandwich). recommended

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