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Description: A house-turned-lounge in Georgetown.

Decor: Hippie-dippie relics of the 1970s (lava lamps, beaded curtains) and vintage photographs of stewardesses (unacceptable by today's standards, the sexed-out uniforms of yesteryear were short enough to reveal matching bloomers, garters, and frilly knickers).

Bonus for pinball freaks: More than half a dozen vintage machines, all in a pretty row downstairs.

Namesake history: Created by Frank del Giudice in 1972, the original Tiger Lounge was designed to rest in the belly of a 747 and serve as a reprieve for first-class passengers. Style features included an alarming abundance of thick orange carpeting; psychedelic couches upholstered in manic, swirling prints; and a faux-tiger-skin-encased window providing a view through the airplane's bottom.

The aftermath: Aside from a mock-up, del Giudice's vision never went into production. The reason why is unclear. (My guess: For those who are already skittish about flying, a vertical-view window would only incite new levels of pants-shitting horror.)

Happy hours: Daily 4–7 pm.

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Happy-hour drink specials: $3 draft beer (20:20 Blonde, Evolutionary IPA), $4 well drinks, $4 select wine.

Happy-hour food specials: A small selection of $3.99 delights (such as nachos or Tuscan garlic bread). recommended