Michael Kelly

A Pizza Mart
5026 University Way NE, 517-4000

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Location: University District.

Description: Stop envisioning the joyless cafeteria its name suggests. A Pizza Mart is actually a charming neighborhood joint, the walls of which teem with thrift-store objets d'art.

Notable paintings: A vaguely ominous rendering of the Big Boy fast-food franchise mascot: a paunchy toddler in overalls, hoisting a cheeseburger tray into the sky.

Best factoid involving Bob's Big Boy: As part of their enchanted courtship ritual, Patricia Arquette demanded that Nicolas Cage prove his sincerity by obtaining the head of a Big Boy statue.

Other sincerity-proving items on her list: A Tibetan wedding gown, a black orchid (which is not found in nature), and the notoriously rare signature of J. D. Salinger.

A Pizza Mart's happy hours: Daily 3–7 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $2 pints/$6 pitchers of Rainier, $3 pints/$9 pitchers of all other drafts (Kona Coffee Pipeline Porter, Widmer Hefeweizen), $3 22-ounce Tecate cans, $3 wells, $4 specialty drinks (such as the Washington Apple).

Food specials: A small one-topping pizza for $5, a large cheese pizza and a pitcher of Rainier for $14(!).

Bonus: They deliver 'til 4 am. recommended