Region: Ballard.

Description: Wildly popular Puerto Rican restaurant and rum bar.

Happy hour: Daily 3–6 pm, Mon–Sat 10 pm–midnight.

Happy-hour food specials: Discount appetizers, including $2 alcapurrias (green bananas, tarot root, plantain dough, hot sauce, and a veggie or meat filling) and $3.50 bacalaitos (cold fish fritters with cilantro, achiote batter, and creamy garlic sauce).

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Happy-hour rum specials: $6.50 mojitos (flavored with apple, mango, coconut, passion fruit, pineapple, or watermelon rum), $6 rum runners (dark rum, blackberry brandy, pineapple, and grenadine).

Notable rum enthusiasts: Blackbeard, Richard Nixon (he favored rum and Coke), Jimmy Buffett, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Hunter S. Thompson, and the mighty Ernest Hemingway (witnesses watched him successively drink 16 Papa Doble daiquiris, containing a combined two quarts of rum; he walked away).